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Our solution

Goshawk’s world-first technology revolutionises call quality for everyone and helps customers with hearing loss to hear more clearly on their mobile phone.

  • Step One – create a hearing profile by taking an online test (designed by leading audiologists). This works over voice codecs in the telecoms network.

  • Step Two – your hearing profile is stored in the network. You can repeat the test anytime you like.

  • Step three – the mobile network sends all calls through a call processor, which holds your hearing profile.

  • Step Four – the sound is adjusted (in real time) to match your hearing profile, allowing you to hear more clearly.

9 out of 10 customers report an improvement in call clarity in trials

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67% of trialists reported an improvement in call clarity in noisy areas

Our technology is patent pending under application GB2254634A

Our technology is a Medical Certified in Europe under CE CA016827

“Using the mobile felt like it did before I had my hearing problems”

Viv Ward

“I did not have to keep saying ‘please say that again’.”

Geraldine Willman

Supported by a wide range of Partners

We’re proud to have pioneered our world-first technology alongside these outstanding partners.

Why is it needed?

We believe that life is richer when you’re part of the conversation.

Hearing, and being heard, is fundamental not just to our wellbeing, but also to our health. Hearing loss can lead to cognitive decline, increasing the risk of depression and dementia. That’s because our brain uses neuro pathways to carry info from the ear to the brain. When you begin to lose your hearing, your brain stops using those pathways and that part of the brain begins to decline (it’s a case of use it or lose it.)

Right now, 466 million people are underserved by technology. By 2050, this will rise to 900 million2. Many choose to use their phone less. Or not at all.

Our research shows that while those with a hearing loss text or email more, they prefer to talk.

Imagine you could give them an enhanced hearing experience, individually tailoring each call to your customers needs. So they used their phone more, enjoyed more conversations and felt better connected to their friends, businesses and loved ones?

Thanks to Goshawk’s pioneering technology, you can.

What is in it for you?

Providing enhanced hearing services isn’t just good for your customer’s wellbeing, it’s good for your profit too.

Deliver personalised call quality

Every customer will benefit from audibly better call quality, thanks to our world-first technology. And those with hearing loss will find calls clearer and easier to hear, helping them to feel fully part of the conversation.

Boost your revenue

Customers who hear better, talk more. Our trials show a 24% uplift in calls made. Usage grew in proportion to hearing loss. So adding this service could boost your revenue and potentially reactivate dormant customers on your network.

Increase customer loyalty

Trialists on the Isle of Man reported an NPS score of 50. Happy customers switch less and stay longer, keeping churn low.

Give your organisation an unfair advantage

Be the first to market with a proposition feature that cannot be matched by your rivals. Goshawk are the sole owners of the technology. Licence the software and you can offer your customers a service they won’t find anywhere else in your territory. Plus, there’s the potential to scale across mobile, fixed and IP network communications.

Boost your brand

The World Health Organisation predicts 900 million people will be affected by hearing loss by 2050. As the number of people who live with hearing loss rises, the need for access to assistive technologies and communication services has never been greater. Plus, public health bodies are putting pressure on governments and partners to better serve people’s needs. Your brand can be at the forefront – leading the way on inclusive access to services that contribute to people’s happiness and wellbeing.

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