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Our Story

The Goshawk mission is to enable every voice to be heard

Goshawk was started with one simple purpose. To help people hear better and feel more connected to their friends, family and business colleagues; thanks to their mobile phone.

Its founder, Matthew Turner, has suffered from hearing loss from birth and has spent his lifetime finding ways to make those living with hearing loss, part of the conversation:

“I realised that I was really struggling to use the mobile phone. I asked a simple question, ‘Why is there not a voice signal as powerful and clear as a hearing aid?’”

Teaming up with Emeritus Professor Brian Moore, of the University of Cambridge, they developed the first algorithms to measure someone’s hearing loss over the telephone using the mobile network – effectively creating an individual map of hearing loss.

They then worked with Dr Michael Stone, from the University of Manchester, who developed the audio processing algorithms. These would be used to pass calls through the mobile network, using the individual’s hearing profile, automatically adjusting the sound to the customer’s needs. And the service was born.

Clinical trials were held in June-September 2018 and revealed that 90% of participants found that speech was clearer and easier to understand, thanks to the service. Soon after, the service launched in the Isle of Man free of charge, to all Pay Monthly Manx Telecom customers. It’s set to launch in the UK consumers as an MVNO in 2019.

“We know [this] can make a huge difference to people’s lives. Ideally this should set the Global Standard – that, for me, would be a wonderful achievement.”

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