The Daily Mail sizes up the investment opportunity afforded by Goshawk and parent company Manx Telecom

Goshawk’s world-leading technology, and the scale of the opportunity it affords investors, caught the eye of the Daily Mail this week.

Charting the success of parent company, Manx Telecom, and its technology subsidiary, Vannin Ventures, which owns a 67% stake in Goshawk, Philip Whiterow declared ‘For an investment with income and some serious growth potential, Manx is well worth a look.’

Gary Lamb, Chief Executive of Manx Telecom, explained the company’s bold new venture and the potential of Goshawk technology to improve the lives of those living with hearing loss – as well as offer an attractive opportunity to the investment community.

“There are 3 million people in the UK with moderate to severe hearing problems, he says, and within five years Lamb wants to have a fifth of those, or 600,000 as customers.

Pricing is likely to be between £15-£20 per month, which is £180 per year at the lower end.

That equates to annual revenues of £108million on 600,000 subscribers.”

Remarking on the impact of the technology, the article stated: “Even to someone with perfect hearing Manx Telecom’s new mobile-based solution for hearing loss is audibly better.

For many millions of people with partial deafness, it seemingly offers hope for a real improvement in their life quality.”

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