Goshawk gears up to launch UK MVNO in 2019 

The world’s first mobile phone company dedicated to improving call quality and transforming smartphone use for people with hearing loss is set to launch in 2019.

Goshawk communications will launch a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) on a major UK network under a new brand, to revolutionise the market and offer those with hearing loss an alternative which better meets their needs

When speech is transmitted over a standard mobile network, the sound is compressed. It’s replayed at a quieter volume with an adjusted frequency – making it more difficult for those with hearing loss to hear.

But Goshawk uses innovative mobile technology to automatically adjust the volume and frequency of every call a customer receives and tailor it to their individual hearing needs.

Even for those without hearing loss, it promises vastly improved sound quality.

An estimated 11 million Britons suffer from some form of hearing problem. Thanks to the world-first technology developed by the Goshawk team, staying in touch with our loved ones, friends, family and colleagues has never been easier… or clearer.



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