How getting help for hearing loss can be good for the mind, says Cambridge Independent.

An article in the Cambridge Independent has highlighted startling new research about the link between hearing loss and our brains.

It is already widely known that untreated hearing loss contributes to higher levels of dementia. But now, according to the article, “new ground-breaking research by Dr Piers Dawes, and a team at Manchester University, has shown that use of hearing aids slows the rate of age-related cognitive decline that affects memory and thinking skills, by as much as 75 per cent.”

Action on Hearing Loss estimates that one in six of us have a hearing loss. By the time we reach 70 that figure rises to 71%.

The article remarks: “While a cure remains a long way off, our ability to overcome the disadvantages of hearing loss is growing.”

Pointing to the solution offered by Goshawk, the article says: “Goshawk…is developing “a hearing aid in the sky”. This works with the phone network to adjust sound to an individual’s hearing.”

A series of free workshops in and around Cambridge are taking place to give people an opportunity to understand how hearing loss is affecting their lives and the many resources available to them. To book go to

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