Goshawk features in The Times

Media interest in Goshawk’s transformative technology continues to grow.

This week, The Times showcased Goshawk’s story on page 2 of the newspaper, as well as featuring the story online in the Technology section.

Referring to the clinical trial of the new service on the Isle of Man, the article noted that 90% of people who used the service, said that it made speech over the phone clearer and helped them to understand conversations.

CEO of Goshawk Communications, Matthew Turner (who lives with hearing loss himself) spoke to Science Editor, Tom Whipple, about the importance of mobile phones in our lives, and his determination to make those living with hearing loss, part of the conversation:

“I realised that I was really struggling to use the mobile phone. I asked a simple question, ‘Why is there not a voice signal as powerful and clear as a hearing aid?’”

Explaining the solution, Whipple stated, ‘Goshawk Communications have created a system that, rather than increasing the volume, intercepts the signal and sends an altered version without delay to a phone. Users first do a hearing test to identify their level of impairment and whether they struggle with high or low frequencies’

The technology is set to transform the lives of those living with hearing loss, who remain underserved by the mainstream mobile market.

Read the full article.

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