9 out of 10 find speech easier to hear with Goshawk technology, clinical trials show.

A clinical trial of Goshawk’s revolutionary new technology, which helps those with hearing loss to hear more clearly on their mobile phone, has shown that 90% of participants found that speech was clearer and easier to understand, thanks to the service.

The trial, which took place over 4 months (between June and September 2018), was overseen by Stephen Griffiths, a leading audiologist on the Isle of Man, and was monitored by Ideas for Ears, an independent not-for-profit organisation.

Of the 54 participants who took part, 9 out of 10 people agreed that speech was clearer and easier to hear when using the product. One participant reported ‘using the mobile felt like it did before I had my hearing problems’.

  • 78% of trialists said they wanted to continue using the product
  • 89% of trialists agreed the product should be available to everyone who has a hearing need
  • 80% of trialists said they felt stress free while using the product

“It has the potential to dramatically improve mobile phone communication for the millions of hearing-impaired people who currently struggle to hold a telephone conversation.” said Emeritus Professor Brian Moore, of the University of Cambridge, who helped to develop the innovative software for the service.

The world-first technology is currently available, free of charge, to all Pay Monthly Manx Telecom customers – simply by registering at Manx Telecom. There are plans to bring the service to UK consumers with the launch of an MVNO in 2019.



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