Goshawk’s hearing technology launches on Manx Telecom

Manx Telecom has launched a global first in the field of mobile technology with a new product called MT clearSound– that can provide life-changing benefits for people with hearing loss.

MT clearSound uses innovative mobile technology to automatically adjust the volume and frequency of every call a customer receives and tailors it to their individual hearing needs. This makes telephone calls clearer and easier to hear for people who have hearing loss and means they can finally be fully part of the conversation.

In a clinical trial carried out in 2018, 90% of the volunteers taking part agreed that speech was clearer and easier to hear when using the product.

MT clearSound has been researched, trialled and developed in the Isle of Man by Manx Telecom– working in partnership with Goshawk Communications which is part of the Manx Telecom group – and is backed by leading medical professionals.

The service is being offered free of charge to Pay Monthly mobile customers on Manx Telecom. It’s the first service of its kind in the world and is set the transform the lives of those living with hearing loss.

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