Goshawk features on ITV News

ITV News have reported on the launch of Goshawk’s world-leading service, MT clearSound, in the Isle of Man describing it as ‘a life-changing piece of technology for those with hearing impediments’.

Reporting the promising results of the latest clinical trials, the article cited:

  • 90% of trialists agreed that speech was clearer and easier to hear when using the product 78% of trialists said they wanted continue using the product
  • 89% of trialists agreed the product should be available to everyone who has a hearing need
  • 80% of trialists said they felt stress free while using the product

One of the volunteers who took part in the clinical trials, Geraldine Willman, from Ballasalla, gave her verdict on the service: “It just made it so much clearer – it really did. The nearest correlation would be putting glasses on – you put your glasses on and suddenly you can see wonderfully. It’s the same as that!”

Read the full article.

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