What we offer

We are the world’s first company to deliver a personalised call quality and a paradigm shift in speech intelligibility. It automatically adjusts the volume and frequency of every call, tailoring it to each customer’s individual hearing needs.

This enhances the call quality for every customer and makes telephone calls clearer and easier to hear for people who have hearing loss – helping them to be fully part of the conversation.

We are now licensing this technology to enable operators to enhance call quality for everyone and to serve the needs of customers with hearing loss.

How it works

It couldn’t be simpler to use.

  • No extra equipment or apps
  • Compatible with any handset
  • Provided via a standard SIM card

Customers take a clinically created hearing test online and their hearing profile is stored on your network.

Our technology then automatically adjusts the volume and frequency of the speech on every phone call based on the individual’s hearing needs.

Benefits for businesses

  • Powerful differentiator – revolutionise call quality for all your customers.
  • Increase your revenue: Customers who hear better, talk more.
  • Boost your customer loyalty: Customer have high NPS and low levels of churn
  • Be a brand for all: Lead the way on inclusive access to services that will benefit the happiness and wellbeing of 1 in 6 people worldwide who have hearing loss
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