Hearing loss is a subjective sense whose impact varies across individuals and cultures.

Today, with modern communications critical to our way of life, the need to talk, to speak, to communicate is essential for a person to integrate with our global society.

Poor product design, lack of inclusive technology and questionable call signal and quality service has resulted in many with hearing loss feeling “isolated’, “embarrassed”, “tired”, “weary”, “nervous” and “alone”. These are just some of the responses to Goshawk’s survey about the difficulties people with hearing loss face when using the phone.

As a start-up, Goshawk seeks to address these issues of poor speech clarity and quality using our software platform that is currently under development in two ways as a:

  1. Service delivered over the telecoms or IP network by providing a call quality specific to a person’s hearing loss when using a phone without the need for hearing aids or expensive accessories.
  2. Product where the software is incorporated as part of the product design to facilitate a new, simpler and more cost effective way for those with hearing loss to communicate with more confidence.

The following video seeks to explain in more detail what our mission is.