What we do – Matthew Turner explains Goshawk’s mission:

Goshawk Communications was established to address a global yet intensely personal need for those with hearing loss to communicate and integrate more fully with society.

The way to achieve this is to provide a more inclusive, relevant telecoms service and product design that encourages those with hearing loss or needs to engage and use with confidence modern phones, tablets or other communication devices that are essential to our way of life today.


Goshawk’s vision is very simple – it is to enable those with hearing difficulties, loss or needs, no matter how defined, to be confident in using modern telecoms or IP services to communicate with clarity and comfort; to encourage a more inclusive role in society and not to remain on the margins because of poor call signal quality or product design.

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Service & Products

The services and products will be designed to use Goshawk’s proprietary software to ensure call quality and clarity delivers our vision.

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Our Team

Goshawk consists of dedicated experts - among the best in their disciplines - looking at bridging the gap between audiology, m-health, telecoms infrastructure and mobile / IT networks in an exciting and innovative way. Collectively the international experience, contacts and depth of knowledge across these disciplines has resulted in a well-balanced, innovative management team that works well together and is capable of bringing a paradigm shift in the way we communicate.

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